Watches worn by real leaders

MSTR stands for quality and exclusivity. We are progressive and unique: all MSTR watches are made in limited editions and our collection is further developed every day.

What is MSTR?

MSTR is an abbreviation of “Meister”: the German word for “Master”. A Meister is a born leader who inspires others. He masters his trade and what he does does it well. An MSTR is not afraid of being different and dares to stand out from the crowd. Like MSTR Watches, he aspires quality, exclusivity and progressiveness.

Our inspiration

A MSTR derives inspiration from the world around him. The automotive world, latest fashion trends, different sports and music styles: all our passions come together in our watches.

MSTR Watches combines styles to create unique pieces. We challenge the boundaries of modern fashion, without compromising on traditional craftsmanship. Our watches have progressive designs and mix high quality materials. This makes them perfectly suitable for the life of a Meister: inspiring, exclusive and of high quality.



Quality and exclusivity

MSTR aspires quality and exclusivity. Therefore, all our watches are made of only the best materials: carbon, stainless steel and an assortment of rare leathers come together in a bold collection of functional pieces.

In addition, we choose to keep our models exclusive. We create limited editions because we know that a Meister appreciates being unique. By keeping the models exclusive, we minimise the chance that you will run into someone who wears the same watch.

  • Quality and exclusivity
  • Limited Edition
  • Worn by real leaders

Worn by real leaders

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